Training Beagle Puppies

Training Beagle PuppiesBeagle puppies are as cute as can be with their soulful eyes, droopy ears and generally happy dispositions.  Many owners are understandably drawn to these charming physical characteristics with little regard to the mental aspect of beagles as a canine breed.  In the process, training beagle puppies is engaged in with either unrealistic or unreasonable expectations.

Setting the Expectations

On one hand, unrealistic expectations result from the assumption that beagle dog training is similar in all respects to other breeds.  Foremost of these unrealistic expectations is the length of time necessary for dog training to be considered successful.  Many owners will expect 1-2 months of puppy training while professional trainers know from experience that 4-6 months training period is more in tune with the reality of the breed’s behavioral profile.

On the other hand, unreasonable expectations often include training the beagle for obedience trials and other dog competitions.  Beagles can follow the basic commands but dog trial competitions are not up their alleys mainly because of their stubborn nature especially when it comes to tracking scents.  Their ranking as a mid-range dog where intelligence is concerned also have a hand in it.

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So, when training beagle puppies, the first step is to set realistic and reasonable expectations.  You are well advised to prepare yourself for at least 2 months of consistent training before positive results can be seen in areas like going to the potty and stopping destructive behavior like digging, biting and chewing.  You must also be well aware that the beagle puppies in your care may never bring home awards for obedience trials.

Setting a Plan of Action

So, now that your eyes are wide open to these expectations, your next step is to make a plan of action.  In so doing, you are also planning for the right attitude to adopt when training your new pets to become part of the family.  Here then are a few suggestions in training beagle puppies at home although we must suggest asking professional dog trainers for more tips as well as reading up on more resources regarding the subject.

  • With beagle puppies, it is important to start training on potty and housebreaking matters as soon as these new pets come home. When you procrastinate, it can be more difficult to reverse bad habits that were formed from the spoiling provided to the puppies.
  • Also, be sure to start training at around 8 weeks of age, which means that beagle puppies from the pet shop, animal shelter or friend’s house must not be brought into your home before it is 8 weeks old. This way, the puppies will have more time to spend with their mothers, not to mention that these puppies are more responsive to human commands at this age.
  • Use crate and leash training when and where possible. With puppies, the crate represents security and safety because of the way it mimics a burrow. The leash is necessary to prevent the puppy from running away to track a scent.

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Last but certainly not the least important, you must never punish beagle puppies in both the physical and mental sense.  Instead, you must reward good behavior and only reprimand bad actions.  You will soon find that training beagle puppies may have its challenges but the benefits are truly heavenly in so many ways.

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