Training a Beagle

Training a BeagleMany people have this idea that training a beagle is similar in most, if not all, aspects to training any other dog breed.  They are wrong.  The most important thing to remember about beagle training is that the breed has its own unique set of behaviors that make their training different from other canine breeds such as German shepherds, Jack Russell terriers and poodles.

There will be a few aspects that are similar since all of these are canine breeds such as in the case of not physically punishing the dog for misbehaving.  For the most part, however, pet owners and trainers have to deal with the unique set of behavioral attributes that make beagles, well, beagles.  With that being the case, the first step in training a beagle is to know the general attributes of the breed so as to develop a plan of action to match behavior profile with training requirements.

Unstable Temperaments

This is not to say that beagles are the schizophrenics of the canine world, far from it.  Beagles are known to possess higher than average tendencies for negative behavior problems especially where puppies and traumatized adults are concerned.  These problems include aggressive behaviors like barking and biting that, admittedly, are also true for other breeds but in beagles can be a real pain in the neck.

Fortunately, the unstable disposition of beagles can be significantly lessened with appropriate and adequate training.  Just be patient about the training period, nonetheless, as beagles can be stubborn in their ways as well.  Many owners and trainers report at least 6 months of consistent training methods before maximum results are enjoyed.

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You may think that 6 months is a lengthy period to be training any canine especially since we are only talking about house training, not training for a canine job.  Well, this is exactly the reason why we always suggest looking into your own temperament to determine if you have the virtues of patience and perseverance in training any canine especially one as stubborn as a beagle.

Unresponsiveness to the Come Command

One of the main challenges in training a beagle is the breed’s general unresponsiveness to the “Come” command once a scent has been tracked.  We must emphasize that beagles are bred as scent hounds and, hence, will follow any kind of interesting scent almost to the ends of the earth.  Regardless of how loud, how long and how fierce the “Come” command is given, the beagle will go on its own merry way trying to locate the scent in the air.

In this case, trainers suggest keeping the beagle on a leash when in the first stages of training.  You will then be able to hold on to it and rein it in even when something in the air calls to its tracking instincts.  You may also benefit from training the beagle inside a small contained area so as to prevent it from going away too far.

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Your lifestyle as seen through the eyes of the beagle must also follow a routine.  In this way, your pet beagle will feel safe, secure and loved in its new environment and, hopefully, respond less to its scent hound instincts.

Indeed, training a beagle has its upsides and downsides.  Just learn to look more into the positive side since beagles are completely trainable.

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