Potty Training Beagles

Potty Training BeaglesDog poop and pee are two of the biggest hassles of pet ownership.  These canine wastes dumped just about anywhere in the house lead to unpleasant smells, unhygienic surroundings and unattractive sights.

Fortunately, potty training beagles can be successful when undertaken in the right manner, in the right time and by the right person.  Just keep in mind that, with the relatively intelligent but certainly stubborn nature of beagles, it can be difficult to achieve the training goals in just a few weeks’ time.  Give it at least 4-6 months of consistent training before poop and pee are totally gone from the house’s interiors.

Start with a Crate

It is a common misconception that placing a dog inside a crate is cruel to the animal.  This is untrue when crate training is applied in the right manner simply because it is a way of giving the beagle a sense of security.  It must be noted that dogs need the security of a burrow, in a manner of speaking, thus, the rationale for a dog crate.

However, the crate must be of the right size for potty training beagles.  It should neither be too small as to severely restrict movement nor too large as to allow the dog excessive movement.  The beagle will be placed inside the crate when the whole household is asleep or when nobody is at home with the ostensible aim of preventing the dog from finding another place to go potty.

Set a Routine

Beagles are creatures of habit, thus, the oft-repeated advice to prospective owners to set a routine for their pets.  In the case of potty training a beagle, a specific place must be pointed out to the beagle for potty purposes.  It is not necessary to demonstrate the act, of course, just as long as the purpose of the place is pointed out.

The beagle must be let out of the house, preferably on a leash to avoid the chances of the dog running after a scent, at the same time every day.  When the routine has been set, the beagle will make movements to indicate that it wants to be let out to go potty.  The process of pointing out the potty spot may be repeated seemingly countless times but potty training beagles is possible – a bit on the difficult side given the breed’s stubborn nature, but possible.

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The best times to let the beagle out for potty purposes include the morning after waking up, after each meal and before going to bed.  It is also helpful to stop giving a beagle puppy its water two hours before bedtime.  With the dog’s small bladder, it is counterintuitive to provide water just before bedtime since peeing in the crate is a possibility.

See to the Training Rewards

Beagles respond to positive reinforcement. Owners should decide on a specific command to instruct the puppy to go potty, say, just “Potty”, accompany the dog to the potty area and wait for it to finish its business.

Walking the beagle should not form part of potty time.  Otherwise, the beagle will be confused and, hence, training will be slower than expected.

With these tips, potty training beagles should be easier.  You will then have a well-behaved, potty-trained pet that will leave no unpleasant smells and sights around the house.

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