How to Train a Beagle

How to Train a BeagleNew pet owners will ask questions like how to train a beagle for obvious purposes.  While beagles are completely adorable with their cute appearance and sociable nature, you will also encounter behavioral issues like aggressive and destructive actions.  Your beagles may engage in inappropriate barking, growling and even biting as well as excessive digging, chewing and chomping.

Fortunately, there are ways to train a beagle such that these inappropriate behaviors can be considerably, if not completely, eliminated.  Keep in mind that we want our dogs to bark, dig and chew as these are normal behaviors in canines except that these must be kept to appropriate levels.  With that said, here are two of the most important things to remember when training dogs.

Establish Communication

Essentially, the many ways of how to train a beagle is about establishing the right level and form of communication between you and your dog.  From your human perspective, your role is to communicate with the beagle about the desirable and undesirable behaviors as well as the circumstances in which these behaviors are expected.  For example, barking for no apparent reason is undesirable but when an intruder is in the house, then barking becomes desirable.

You must also be able to read the moods of the beagle, so to speak.  Just like their human handlers, beagles have a wide range of emotions like confusion, excitement, sadness and happiness.  Your training approach for the session will then be affected by the beagle’s feelings on that day.

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Provide for the Right Rewards and Punishments

Yet another of the effective techniques on how to train a beagle is to provide for the right rewards and punishments.  Yes, there are punishments involved in beagle training but not the kind of punishments that will inflict physical pain and mental trauma on your beloved pets.

To expound on these rewards and punishments, dog experts categorize these aspects of dog training into four:

  • Positive reinforcement means adding a reward in certain situations with the goal of increasing the chance of the good behavior being adopted in the future. You may provide for a special food treat, a chance to play with a favorite toy, and even social interaction with either humans or dogs.
  • Negative reinforcement removes the source of the bad behavior to increase the chance of the good behavior being exhibited again.
  • Positive punishment adds a certain thing so as to decrease the likelihood that the negative behavior will be seen again.
  • Negative punishment removes the source from the situation so the there is lesser likelihood that the negative behavior will be exhibited again.

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As can be expected, positive reinforcement is the best way how to train a beagle for obvious reasons.  For one thing, it is easy to remember and implement in the home.  For another thing, there are many rewards to choose from such as material rewards in the form of toys and food as well as immaterial prizes like quality time with the owner.

Indeed, training a beagle can be easy when you know how to establish the right level of communication and how to provide for the right rewards.

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