Housebreaking Beagles

Housebreaking BeaglesThere are many advantages to housebreaking beagles as early as possible preferably as soon as it sets foot inside the house.  For one thing, the household especially children will not be subjected to aggressive behavior like barking, growling and biting.  For another thing, the furniture and fixtures of the house will be spared from the chewing, chomping and digging that beagles love to engage in for various reasons.

To make the process of housebreaking a new pet beagle easier, it is often best to classify its possible negative behaviors.  Then, appropriate interventions can be made to counteract the bad action and, thus, owners end up with well-behaved pets at home.  Here then are a few of these negative behaviors and the possible actions to take for their prevention.

Aggressive Behaviors

A beagle’s aggressive behavior can be categorized into three, namely, barking, growling and biting, since these actions can cause harm to the beagle itself, to other dogs and to humans.  Often, these actions are also done as a sign of the beagle asserting its dominant status over humans.  Such show of dominance is unacceptable considering that the human must always be the alpha dog of the pack for obvious reasons.

Thus, the first step in housebreaking beagles is to ensure that these aggressive behaviors can be identified and then prevented from developing in the dog.  This can be done by:

  • Being the alpha dog of the pack. Keep in mind that beagles are sociable canines that require dominant leadership in almost equal measure with human companionship.
  • Ignoring the dog when negative actions are being engaged in. When the beagle is barking to get your attention, the best method is to ignore it by turning your back. This is not applicable to all instances, however, as commands like “Quiet”, “Down” and “Heel” will also be used to curb negative behavior.
  • Using positive reinforcement and avoiding the use of punishment. Beagles respond best to praises and food reward while being petulant with punishments.
  • Identifying and then eliminating the cause of the behavior. A beagle may be hungry, bored and frustrated from lack of food as well as physical and mental stimulation, thus, the negative behavior. When food, exercise and play time are sufficiently provided, housebreaking beagles can be as easy as pie.

You may also have to hire a professional trainer if and when home training does not suffice.  The money will be well spent as your beagle can become your dream pet after the training.

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Destructive Behaviors

Admittedly, the beagle’s fondness for digging, chewing and chomping on inappropriate things like the furniture and fixtures is not as worrisome as the aggressive behavior mentioned above.  Still, these destructive actions are still causes for concern since dominance as the alpha dog is involved in these cases, too.

Fortunately, the tactics used in treating aggressive behavior also applies to these destructive actions.  The practical tips like directing the beagle to a sandbox for its digging activities, providing for chewy toys and giving sufficient time for exercise are just whipped cream and cherry on the ice cream, so to speak.

Ultimately, housebreaking beagles boils down to loving your beagle in a sufficient manner so as to discipline him.  This way, too, housebreaking beagles your pet will become part of the household in every way possible.

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