House Training Beagles

House Training BeaglesMost pet owners attest to the high success rates of house training beagles under certain conditions. We must emphasize that beagles can be stubborn to the point of being beyond hope of professional training.  Owners then end up with pets that have the run of the house with destructive behaviours like inappropriate digging, chewing and barking as the most troublesome actions.

Fortunately, most beagles respond very well to house training.  The trick lies in knowing what you are up against, what you should expect during the training and what you can do to be successful in this important endeavor.

Patience Is a Virtue

As previously mentioned, beagles can be stubborn such that being independent of a master’s commands take precedence over being a good pet in more instances than anybody desires.   This is especially true when an interesting scent catches the beagle’s attention and, thus, must be caught against all odds.

As such, owners must be patient in house training beagles. Commands may have to be repeated over and over again until such time that a firm association between the spoken words and the expected action is formed in the canine’s mind.  This is true for all commands like “Come”, “Sit” and “Quiet”, to name a few.

Keep in mind that successful training of beagles can take up to 6 months to complete.  Said comparatively lengthy training period is caused by a combination of the beagle’s innate stubbornness and the trainer’s possible inexperience with the methods involved.

Let’s discuss one prime example – potty training.  Beagles will have to be led to the potty spot outside of the house at regular intervals for many days until such time that the association is made.  Patience will definitely be required as accidents will happen even when the beagle appears to have been potty trained.

Consistency Leads to Success

Yet another virtue in house training beagles is consistency.  Like children, beagles have limited attention spans during training.  When coupled with the dog’s attribute of being easily distracted by any interesting scent – it was and is bred as a scent hound, after all – owners and trainers must ensure that each command is practiced in as short a time as possible.

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If you persist in giving the command and expecting it to be followed for far too long, frustration soon follows.  The secret is in being consistent at all times, be it in giving the command to keep quiet during extreme barking, in teaching the right place to go potty, and in reprimanding bad behaviour like chewing on furniture.

Consistency is also important in terms of maintaining expectations.  You should ensure that the beagle follows your commands both at the training facility and at home.  Otherwise, you have a beagle that appears confused as to the status of the alpha dog – you, naturally – in these venues.

As to the methods of house training beagles, you have the benefit of crates and leashes, food rewards and verbal praises as well as a wide range of resources like professional trainers.  But first, you must develop the virtues of patience, perseverance and consistency.

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