Beagle Training Tips

Beagle Training TipsWith the many beagle training tips available from printed publications and online sites, pet owners and professional trainers have no reason to fail.  Yes, training a stubborn beagle can be difficult but it is not impossible.  Even a traumatized beagle still has hope for rehabilitation when the right training with patience, perseverance and love.

For dog owners, there are a certain tips that can be applied at home.  Degrees in dog psychology are not necessary as these are practical tips that anybody with sufficient feelings of compassion, affection and love for their pet beagles can adopt.

Keep the Sessions Short

We may want beagles to have the attention span of a good student listening to a quantum physics lecture.  The reality, however, is less than ideal for a dog owner wanting to train a beagle as fast as possible.  Beagles have limited attention spans, limited intelligence compared to other dog breeds and limited ability to disregard distractions from the surrounding area.

With all these limitations, one of the foremost beagle training tips is to keep the sessions as short as possible.  It may be just 15 minutes each day although with consistent effort, the commands can be taught.  The key is to be patient when the beagle stops listening and following the commands since there is always tomorrow.

Keep the Distractions to a Minimum

As previously mentioned, beagles are easily distracted particularly by scents in the surrounding area.  Keep in mind that beagles are bred to be scent hounds and, thus, it is hardwired into their systems to track down the scent no matter what obstacles may be in their way.

If possible, train the beagle in an area where there is little to no distractions.  The yard is a good place to do so just as long as it is not a busy road.  Most dog owners will also prefer obedience training facilities where the environment is conducive to learning the tricks of the canine trade, so to speak.

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If the beagle is distracted by anything, it is best to get the dog’s attention first.  Commands may be given but when the beagle still refuses to follow the commands in full, then it is time to stop the session.  Again, you can always try again tomorrow.

Keep the Beagle Company

We cannot overemphasize that beagles are highly sociable dogs.  One of the more unlikely beagle training tips is to let the dog train with other canines.  You will discover that the beagle learns better and faster in the company of his kind.

Naturally, you should also keep the beagle company during the training sessions.  You will be the one giving the commands, not to mention that these exercises in leader-follower commands reinforces your standing as the alpha dog of the pack.   Take note that being the leader of the pack is very important in the success of the training mainly because you want to be followed.

Indeed, these beagle training tips will stand you in good stead.  The techniques may change but these general tips remain true no matter the age of the beagle.

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