Beagle Puppy Training

Beagle Puppy TrainingBeagle puppies are such adorable creatures with their expressive eyes, droopy ears and huggable bodies that it seems unlikely that these little angels can turn out to be pains in the neck.  Then again, we are guilty of generalizations as all puppies regardless of breed have their fair share of problems where house, potty and obedience training are concerned.  The trick with beagle puppy training is to balance the general characteristics of dogs with the unique attributes of beagles.

In this way, trainers and owners have higher opportunities for success in training.  Just keep in mind that it is often best to take into account the uniqueness of the beagle as a breed and as an individual dog more than the possible comparisons with other canine breeds.

General Training Tips

Let’s start with the general training tips as these are easier to deal with, not to mention that these techniques can be used on other breeds.  First and foremost, it is critical to use positive reinforcement when training a beagle.

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When we speak of positive reinforcement, we are talking of two things.  On one hand, you should provide rewards in the form of doggie treats like chew toys and food as well as verbal and physical praises such as patting on the head and saying “Good dog”.  Both of these types of rewards reinforce the good behavior so essential to beagle puppy training.

On the other hand, you must reprimand the puppy when it is caught in the act of doing the negative behavior.  For example, your beagle puppy must be firmly told “No” when it is peeing and pooping on the carpet at the instance when it is actually doing the act, not after a few hours after the action has been done.  You will only be adding to the puppy’s confusion when you do the latter.

Also, it is important to use simple commands like “No”, “Come”, “Sit” and “Potty” for a puppy.  Puppies in general have little comprehension for the complexities of the human language and only the simplest of commands will do the trick.

Specific Training Tips

As can be expected, beagle puppy training has its own unique set of techniques designed to ensure that the goal is achieved.  These specific techniques include the following:

  • Train in a small, confined space with no distractions since beagles are easily distracted by passing sounds and smells. A fence with little to no view of the street is a good idea. Keep in mind that beagles are scent hounds that will pursue a smell with no heed for the “Come” command.
  • Be very consistent in your commands, routines and approach during training. While this is true for all canine breeds, beagles are decidedly more stubborn in their temperament. As such, higher levels of patience and perseverance are required.

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Ultimately, the goal of beagle puppy training is to add direction to an energetic, lively and friendly dog’s actions so as to make it part of the household.  Often, it is not the beagle’s problem that training was unsuccessful since it is always its human owner’s responsibility to adopt the right training methods at the right time for the right duration in the right place – the dog is there to follow the leader of the pack’s commands.