Beagle Problems

Beagle ProblemsLike any other dog breeds, beagles have their own fair share of problems mainly because it is as unique a breed as any.  These beagle problems, fortunately, can be completely avoided or significantly minimized through the careful selection of the right beagle puppy – or adult dog from a shelter, for that matter – from the right dog breeder and training the beagle in all the right ways.

But first, it is important to know about the various issues about beagles that must concern a prospective owner.  Keep in mind that not everything is as rosy as it appears where energetic beagles are concerned.

Unstable Dispositions

Because of their nature as scent hounds, beagles can be psychologically dysfunctional in many ways.  Negative behaviors like aggression, chewing and digging can often be seen in beagle puppies and in many traumatized adult beagles.  Unless it is the owner’s intent to rehabilitate a beagle with unstable temperament, it is best to ask the breeder about the possibility for negative behaviors in the puppy with experts even recommending the determination of the parents’ temperament before actually adopting the puppy.

Insufficient Exercise

Many of the beagle problems that owners encounter are due to the lack of sufficient quantity and quality exercise.  Beagles become bored, noisy and destructive on one hand and obese on the other hand, both of which are frustrating to both the humans and the dog.  Obesity also leads to a host of health problems like joint diseases.

Since food is a great motivator for beagles, owners are also well advised to be cautious about giving food as treats for obedience.  Beagles are a stubborn breed and it is necessary to show them who is boss – the human, of course – lest the negative behavior is further encouraged.

Inadequate Fence Security

For owners living in wide open spaces, beagles may not be suitable for the lifestyle.  This is because beagles are scent hounds that will follow their noses no matter the surrounding circumstances.  Owners are then left calling for their beagles to no avail because the dogs are obsessed about following an interesting scent into the woods.

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Because of such nature, one of the biggest beagle problems is fence security. The fence must be sufficiently high to discourage jumping over and with adequate sink wire to thwart digging under the fence.  Even the locks on the gate must be strong to withstand repeated abuse from the beagle’s paws and teeth.

Lengthy House Training

Beagles are relatively intelligent dogs but, as previously mentioned, are very stubborn.  Owners can expect at least 4 months of consistent crate training and obedience training before the beagle can be properly house trained.  Many owners have even reported 6 months of training before a beagle can be considered a good member of the household.

During the training phase, it is not unusual to deal with a host of other beagle problems like excessive baying and barking as well as unpleasant doggy smells and shedding in the house.  The good news is that, once trained, beagles can be the most delightful dogs around so much so that children and adults alike love to have them around.

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