Beagle Potty Training

Beagle Potty TrainingAs any owner of a puppy knows, beagle potty training is an all-important task to complete for many reasons.  Potty training means that the house will be free from dog poop and pee that makes for very unpleasant smells and unhygienic conditions.  It can also form the foundation upon which obedience training can be based on.  And so, potty training must be undertaken as soon as the puppy comes to the home.

We will be the first one to acknowledge that potty training for beagles can be difficult.  Beagles are stubborn creatures that often must go their own way unless and until a strong alpha dog comes along.  These dogs are also not particularly known for their intelligence so much so that pick up of certain commands can be on the comparatively slower side.

This is not to say that beagle potty training is impossible, far from it.  With these tips, it is possible to train a beagle to go potty in an appropriate place outside of the house.

Start at the Right Age

Just like children, potty training for beagles must start at the right age so as to minimize the hassles of introducing a new concept.  Plus, energetic dogs like beagles have limited attention spans such that boredom easily sets in when the lesson goes on for far too long.  Any distraction even if it’s just the scent of a passing cat will take the beagle’s mind off the lesson.

At the right age of at least 8 months, fortunately, the beagle will have a longer attention span as well as a wider comprehension of the world around it.  In fact, experts recommend not taking any puppy away from its mother for adoption purposes before the eight month of age.

Start as Soon as Possible

Beagle potty training cannot wait for too long either.  As soon as the puppy is in the house, it must be pointed in the direction of the appropriate potty place outside of the house.  When we say pointed, we mean accompanied to the site and then told simple command, say, just “Potty”

Of course, there will be accidents during the first few days but the beagle must not be punished in any way especially when it was not caught in the act of going potty on the carpet.  Reprimand the beagle with firm words like “No” when it is caught in the act although we strongly advice against physical and mental punishments.

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Don’t delay on the potty training with reasons like the puppy is too young, too fragile and too cute.  It will be more difficult to correct the bad behaviour when it has been firmly entrenched.

Start and Be Consistent

Keep in mind that consistency is the key to the success of beagle potty training.  The beagle must be told over and over again about the proper potty behaviour until such time that it becomes second nature to it and will even go out into the potty area when it is time to take care of business.

And when we say consistent, we mean getting into a routine of the times when going potty is expected.  It also helps to be consistent in giving the commands, providing the treats for good behaviour and in reprimanding for bad actions.

And that is how you start and end beagle potty training on a successful note.

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