Beagle Obedience

Beagle ObedienceCanine experts like dog trainers and experienced owners are of the consensus that beagle obedience is generally satisfactory.  After all, virtually any dog with half a brain between its ears can be trained either at informal home sessions or in formal obedience classes or both with the beagle not being the exception to the rule.

Like all dog breeds, beagles also present certain problems in obedience.  It must be emphasized that many of these problems are not so much the fault of the beagle but the failure of its human owner to take on the responsibility for obedience training.

On the Good Side

Beagles are intelligent dogs with the capacity to follow instructions.  Keep in mind that these dogs were bred for tracking purposes during the hunts for rabbits, hares and other game.  Nowadays, beagles are also used for detection purposes of agricultural products in many points of entry across the country.

The beagle’s natural disposition to please its owners also makes it highly trainable.  The trick is in enrolling your pet dog in beagle obedience classes at the right time so as to encourage such trainability in the canine.

On the Bad Side

Unfortunately, beagles also have their problems when it comes to obedience.  Many of these issues arise from their positive traits that have somehow become negative characteristics.

First, beagles are easily distracted by the scents in the environment.  In a tracking dog, the keen sense of smell is essential in the performance of the job but in the non-hunt setting, it can quickly turn into a liability.  Your beagle will not heed your commands but will instead obsessively follow the scent to its source.

Second, beagles can be obstinate in their refusal of anything.  Most of the time, you have to bribe them with food rewards to secure a positive response.  Many owners call it a what’s-in-it-for-me attitude.

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Beagle Obedience Training Tips

Luckily, beagle obedience is not all that bad.  You have many tricks and tips at your disposal when training your beagle, many of which may even be passed on to you by the professional trainer in the obedience classes.  These tricks include:

  • Never ask your beagle to perform commands for periods longer than it can provide with its short attention spans. Try to work within that amount of time, which will help in warding off frustration on both your part and your dog’s side.
  • Strive to work within the beagle’s limitations in behaviour. Keep in mind that beagles as a breed have their own set of behavioural quirks that make it as different from night and day as, say, a German shepherd.
  • Apply rewards like verbal praises, physical shows of affection and doggie treats in an appropriate manner. A balance must be made between rewarding your beagle for good performance and spoiling your pet with every single thing that it wants even when the good deed does not warrant the lavish rewards.
  • Never punish your dog in physical and mental ways – hitting, kicking, depriving food and withdrawing affection. Instead, you can penalize your beagle by ignoring it so that it can feel guilty and then behave properly.

When applied in the correct manner, beagle obedience training generates satisfactory results.  You will have a loyal, loving and gentle pet companion for the rest of its life.

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