Beagle House Training

Beagle House TrainingOne of the most important first steps to take when adopting a beagle puppy is to undertake house training for various reasons.  For one thing, you want the puppy to follow the rules of the house including not jumping on furniture, not chewing on things and not barking at people with house training as a good foundation for further training in these areas.  For another thing, a puppy beagle house training undertaken early on means the living premises will be free from the poop and pee of an animal.

With that being said, here are a few things to remember about house training a beagle.  Keep in mind all throughout the training that beagles are intelligent animals on one hand but are also easily distracted especially by scents – the breed is used to track scents of animals during long hunts – on the other hand.  Thus, higher levels of patience and perseverance are necessary to achieve successful results.

Start at the Right Age

Experts generally recommend taking home a beagle puppy when it is at least 8 weeks old.  Any younger than this age and you may well be in on over your head with house training, health and other care concerns.

You should also expect slow progress in beagle house training at this age.  The good news is that steady progress can be made with the right methods, techniques and tricks used in training.

Know the Holding Period

We are referring to the amount of time that the beagle can hold in its needs at certain points of its age.  General rules apply although you must observe the beagle for any quirks in its behaviour regarding its natural body waste elimination.

A beagle puppy can hold in its natural elimination needs for an hour with every month accrued in its age with 6 hours being the maximum for young dogs.  For example, a 3-month old beagle can go without pooping and peeing within 3 hours.

If you have adopted an adult beagle, eight hours is the maximum holding time.  This is with the assumption that your pet is relatively healthy – no veterinary conditions that make for longer or shorter holding periods, so to speak.

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Let the Dog Out

Naturally, you have to take responsibility for the success of the beagle house training.  This is possibly through regular intervals of letting the dog out to the place where body waste elimination must take place.  You may think of it as offering your pet the use of a toilet in the same way that a toddler is potty-trained.

Experts recommend the following schedule for letting your dog out during house training:

  • Every 2 hours for a 2-month old puppy with an increase of an hour for every month afterwards
  • Immediately after a period of confinement such as during crate training
  • As soon as the beagle wakes up and once before its bedtime
  • Ten minutes after your pet has finished eating

Most important in beagle house training, which is also very true in other types of training, is to remain consistent.   You must identify a place that will serve as the toilet, lead the dog out to it at the above mentioned recommended intervals, and follow though each and every time.  Soon enough, you should have a well-behaved beagle that knows where to poop and pee – outside on its designated toilet.

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