Beagle Health

Beagle HealthIn most instances, the job of looking after beagle health is easy because the breed is relatively healthy.  This is with the assumption that the right lifestyle is enjoyed by the beagle meaning that its diet, exercise, socialization opportunities and veterinary care are of the right quantity and quality.

Of course, it helps to choose a healthy beagle puppy from a reputable breeder in the first place.  When all of these factors come together, a beagle can live for up to 15 years.  But like all dog breeds, there will be problems with the health of a beagle.  These health issues include but are not limited to the following canine afflictions.

Joint Problems

Probably the most worrisome of the beagle health issues mainly because it is rare is the condition known as immune mediated polygenic arthritis.  Basically, the immune system attacks the joints such that extreme pain will be suffered by the beagle.

The good news is that it can be treated with cortisone injections that should be administered by the veterinarian.  Unfortunately, there does not seem to have any preventative method against polygenic arthritis.

Ear Infections

Because of the long floppy ears of the beagle, trapped moisture accumulates in the area while the air flow becomes severely restricted. In turn, the beagle can develop ear infections that may place its life at risk.

To avoid such beagle health issues, it is important to ensure that the beagle is always clean and dry behind the ears.  After the daily brushing and occasional baths, the ears should also be checked for any sign of infection.  If an infection does occur, the beagle must be checked by a veterinarian for the administration of the proper medications.

Eye Issues

Beagles many have the most soulful eyes in the canine world but these eyes are also prone to many types of diseases.  The owner must take the responsibility to perform regular checks on eye health and to consult with a veterinarian should infections be detected.  These infections may include the following:

  • Glaucoma
  • Corneal dystrophy
  • Cherry eye is the prolapse of the gland in the third eyelid
  • Distichiasis where the eyelashes grows into the eye instead of outward
  • Retinal atrophy
  • Dry eyes and leakage of tears

Depending on the type of eye problems, medications or surgery are necessary.  Only the veterinarian will be able to decide on the matter.

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One of the foremost beagle health issues is obesity largely because food is the biggest motivational tool for the breed.  When food rewards are abused, the beagle will have higher risks for obesity.

Other causes for beagle obesity are feeding of table scraps, failure to follow a set routine for feeding, and lack of sufficient exercise. With obesity comes a host of other problems including heart, kidney and bone problems on one hand and depression brought by lack of socialization on the other hand.

Indeed, with all these beagle health issues, owners must always be vigilant in looking after the diet, exercise and hygiene of their pets.  In this way, the various canine diseases can be avoided as long possible and everybody from canines to humans will be happy with the status quo.

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