Beagle Dog Training

Beagle Dog TrainingBeagles may not be on the list of the top ten most intelligent domestic dog breeds in the world but it is possible to train a beagle so as to fit nicely into the household.  There are certain things, however, that must be remembered in beagle dog training before success in the goal can be achieved.

Beagles Are Stubborn

As scent hounds, beagles were bred to track down scents during fox and other animal hunts.  The desire to follow any interesting scent regardless of commands, calls and compliments from the owner is hardwired into a beagle’s system.  This is true even if the scent was from the neighborhood cat or from a stray fox, which makes the beagle probably the most excitable dog breed around.

With such a stubborn nature, owners are well advised to adopt the virtues of patience, perseverance and praise when engaged in beagle dog training.  Patience and perseverance are necessary to give repeated commands to the beagle with little progress during the first month of training, be it in crate or obedience.  It is only after the fourth month that positive changes are observed with many owners even reporting 6 months as the minimum number of months required for successful training.

Praise is also necessary as dogs respond more to positive reinforcement than to punishment.  Food is the greatest motivator for beagles with toys and treats coming in a close second.  Just remember to be moderate about the food rewards as beagles can also run roughshod over their human masters through manipulative techniques.

Beagles Are Sociable Creatures

Beagles are highly sociable creatures despite their stubborn nature.  Such attribute makes for easier beagle dog training when more humans and more beagles are present.  Take note that beagles respond best to physical and mental stimulation from a large group of either dogs or humans or both.

In fact, unlike other dog breeds, say, the Jack Russell terrier, it is easier to train a beagle in the company of other beagles.  Even children will have fun in training a beagle although certain limitations must be imposed.

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One of the most important limitations is to set who is boss of the pack.  Since beagles are sociable dogs, their behaviour is largely influenced by the leader of the pack, which means that pet owners must exercise greater control over their dogs.  Otherwise, negative behaviours that the training was supposed to have treated, in a manner of speaking, will be reinforced.

Beagles Are Easily Distracted

The downside of the beagle’s social nature is easy distraction from animals, humans and even passing scents.  Patience and perseverance are virtues that owners are well advised to adopt during beagle dog training since these dogs can run off at any time, disregard the commands given and then promptly forget about the hours of hard work poured into learning a command like “Come”.

To counteract such character, routine is required.  Beagles must be able to follow a set routine from the time of waking up to the time to sleep at night.  This is a method by which the beagle can feel secure in the household and, hopefully, have a lesser urge to run away by scaling the fence.

Ultimately, you should have a well-trained beagle after 4-6 months of crate and obedience training. Just be patient and it is possible.

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