Beagle Digging

Beagle DiggingDogs have a natural tendency to dig into the ground for many reasons.  It may be to bury their treasures.  It may be to flush out prey, whatever it may be, out of the ground.  It may be to escape into the open field by digging under the fence.

Truly, you should not be surprised by beagle digging behaviour because these are dogs.  Your alarms should start tingling when your beagle’s fondness for digging becomes destructive to the yard, dangerous to his health, and distractive to his obedience training.  Your steps toward correcting the negative behaviour will depend on the diggings specific causes so it pays to observe your beagle first before taking action.

Digging Out of Boredom

For most dogs including beagles, boredom is the most common cause for digging up the yard into a small field of potholes and puddles.  In turn, your beagles are bored because of the lack of physical exercise, mental stimulation and social contact.  Keep in mind that beagles are intelligent, amiable and merry dogs that require all of these opportunities to maintain good overall health.

When not provided with plenty of these opportunities, you will observe that the beagle digging behaviour becomes more intense, more frequent and more destructive.  To avert such a small disaster, you should provide the right dog toys, the right amount of exercise time, and the right exposure to other animals and humans.

Digging for Comfort

Your beagle may also be digging into the ground to make a comfortable if rustic retreat for itself.  For example, if the temperature outside is on the hot side, your beagle will dig a hole to cool down.

If you think that this is the cause, then it makes logical sense to build a kennel or a dog house for your beagle.  With the amount of time spent by your beloved pet outdoors, warmth during the cold nights and cool during the hot days is as loving as you can possibly get where your dog is concerned.

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Digging for Fun

Then there is beagle digging behaviour simply for the fun of it.  Your beagle may just like digging as a way to entertain himself even when toys are plentiful.  Of course, you want to stop the behaviour before your whole yard turns into a disaster area.

Don’t despair as there is an effective way to stop your beagle from digging in the inappropriate places of the yard.  Simply, you provide an appropriate area where your pet can dig to his heart’s content – a sandbox!  Juts fill it with a mixture of sand and earth, plant grass on it since dogs seem to like digging ground with grass on it, and direct your beagle to it. You have to spend time to train your dog to use the sandbox specifically for digging but the time spent is well worth the benefits of having an immaculate yard once again.

Now, if the beagle digging behaviour just cannot seem to be stopped, you can always apply a few deterrent measures.  For example, you can place small rocks on the ground, spray the soil with pepper and even place the beagle’s own dog poop into the soil.  Just remember that in all these methods, you should never ever punish your dog in a physical way, be it in hitting, kicking or in depriving food.

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