Beagle Crate Training

Beagle Crate TrainingWe have to emphasize that beagle crate training is never the be-all and end-all in either obedience training or house training or both.  Instead, the dog crate is a valuable tool toward achieving the goals of the training by providing the beagle with a sense of being safe and secure in its own space in the house.

Merits and Demerits of the Crate

Just like other dog training tools, a crate has its pros and cons.  Knowing these things about a crate makes for better use of the tool in training. On the upside, a crate encourages good sleeping habits since it is perceived by the beagle as a safe and sure place.  Thus, the beagle should be placed inside the crate during sleeping hours especially when said dog is still new to the house and, thus, still in need of housetraining.

Also, beagle crate training is an essential component of potty training mainly because it discourages inappropriate elimination.  Just place the puppy inside the crate when it is not yet time to do its business.

Of course, the crate is also a good place for a puppy who is easily distracted during feeding time.  Inside the confines of the crate, the beagle will be able to focus on eating the food laid out before him instead of playing with the other puppies or chasing after interesting scents.

And then there is also the usefulness of the crate as a place of secure confinement for a puppy.  When it is left unattended for more than 6 hours because its owner is at work, the crate is the best place to be for the beagle.

On the downside, a crate will not provide real training for the puppy.  You must still implement the techniques of training with the crate as a tool.  Plus, keep in mind that the beagle may behave inside the crate but not necessarily in other parts of the house and in other places.

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Right Ways to Use the Crate

With that being said, there are right ways to use beagle crate training to achieve the ultimate goal of transforming an untrained puppy into a trained adult able to follow most, if not all, commands provided by the alpha dog of the pack.  We must warn prospective owners that beagles are a stubborn breed that will refuse to follow the “Come” command when a scent beckons.

  • Be consistent with the use of the crate.  Even when the puppy appears distraught with being confined, just let it be.  The beagle may be missing its littermates but being apart from them is part of growing up.  Just make sure that the crate is clean and comfortable and that the puppy is well fed and the howling should stop soon enough.
  • Let the crate become a safe place, not a place for punishment.  Even when the dog has an accident in the crate, don’t punish but do reward for good behavior.

In the end, beagle crate training should achieve the goal of making your new pet as well-behaved as possible.  Do the right things and the results will also be right.

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