Beagle Chewing

Beagle ChewingWe must emphasize that beagle chewing has two sides to it.  On one hand, chewing is a positive thing when it is done to relieve the discomfort of teething and to play with other dogs through the use of designated toys and chews.  On the other hand, chewing can be destructive when it is done out of aggression, of boredom and of anxiety especially when the objects of chewing are pieces of furniture, clothing and other household items.

Even in destructive chewing, it is counterintuitive to punish your beagle.  Punishment will often reinforce the negative behaviour and, in many cases, even encourage other aggressive actions like unprovoked biting and excessive barking.

Pinpoint the Reasons

Instead, the first step to stop your beagle chewing in a destructive way is to identify the main cause behind the behaviour.  There are three main causes in this regard:

  • Natural desire to chew – Beagles chew on things because it’s a self-reinforcing and self-rewarding activity that answers to its need to have fun.
  • Way to express negative emotions – Beagles will chew as an outlet for their negative emotions and to provide comfort especially when bored, lonely and nervous.
  • Means to burn excess energy – Like so many other destructive behaviours, chewing can be a way to substitute for physical activity.

Keep in mind that most beagles will engage in destructive chewing for one or two reasons.  For example, your pet may be experiencing separation anxiety in addition to your failure to provide it opportunities for exercise, thus, the destructive chewing on the German leather couch.

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Apply the Techniques for Prevention

Now, when you have pinpointed the causes for the beagle chewing behaviour, you can then easily pinpoint the appropriate techniques for prevention.  You will observe, however, that many of these tips can also be applied to other destructive behaviours like digging up a storm in the yard.

  • Be the master of the situation. Your beagle must be taught – in the right way, of course – about your alpha dog status in the house.
  • Take control by dog-proofing your home. This means placing the things that should not be the objects of chewing away from your dog’s reach. The most common objects are books, clothing, shoes, food and garbage as well as small appliances like cell phones, cameras and even the remotes.
  • Use a confined area as a penalty for bad behaviour, which a dog crate will be the best option. Until your beagle understands the house rules, it should stay within the confines of the crate for most of the time.
  • Interrupt the destructive chewing in a proper manner instead of hitting your dog. Clap your hands, hand the beagle a good alternative and then give verbal and physical praise.
  • Offer the right things to chew in the form of toys and tasty treats. You should never provide her with your cast-offs since a dog will not differentiate between your old shoes and your new shoes.
  • Spend time to provide for physical activity, mental stimulation and socialization time. You will be surprised at how the other destructive behaviours can stop when you provide the right amount of attention.

Ultimately, you will realise that the destructive beagle chewing behaviour can be turned into something positive.  You just have to exercise patience as beagles can be obstinate at times.

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