Beagle Biting

Beagle BitingArguably, beagle biting behaviour can be seen in two ways.  On one hand, it is an aggressive behaviour that can be directed against animals and humans for no apparent reason.  You must take the necessary steps to stop aggressive biting lest either the beagle or the subject – human or otherwise – of the behaviour gets hurt.

On the other hand, it is an instinctual behaviour that should not be completely stopped for many reasons.  Biting is necessary when beagles play with each other as it is used as a form of asserting dominance.  In fact, a dog without a bite is less of a dog in canine society.

Therefore, you must take note of biting amongst your beagles if and when it has taken an aggressive, destructive and distractive turn.  Your first step is to identify the causes of the aggressive beagle biting behaviour and then implement the steps to control these problematic behaviours.

Health Problems

Your beagle may be suffering from health problems that cause pain such that it is very sensitive to any provocation.  Thus, most experts recommend bringing the dog to a veterinarian to check out any underlying medical conditions.

The veterinarian may also provide a diagnosis of teething for a puppy between the ages of 4 to 8 months although older beagles may be late bloomers, in a manner of speaking.  Puppies will experience pain and discomfort when teething that can be relieved by biting.  Unfortunately, it may be your legs and hands that are the object of the behaviour.

To avoid such beagle biting behaviour, you must provide teething toys set at a cold temperature.  This way, the puppy will be able to ease the discomfort from its gums.  You may even substitute chicken broth-flavored ice cubes for the teething toys.

Separation Anxiety

Your beagle may also suffer from separation anxiety with teething as a way to get attention.  You will know if separation anxiety is the cause when the beagle bites at your leg just when you are about to go out of the house, this behaviour can also be accompanied by excessive howling or barking.

In this case, you should start training the beagle to get used to the separation episodes.  Experts suggest making your exits as drama-free as possible, starting crate training for the dog, and spending more time at play with your pet as the most effective methods in this regard.

These methods can also be applied in aggressive beagle biting actions arising from lack of socialization and boredom.  Just add physical exercises and mental stimulation to the mix and your beagle should be fine in time.

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Play and Aggressive Biting

Beagles being pack dogs, alpha dog dominance is an issue.  As puppies, biting their littermates during play sessions is normal until such time that it becomes too rough.  As adults, beagles bite to show dominance over another dog/human or to protect its territory.

Each case requires a different approach.  In puppies, letting out a loud “ouch” and then ignoring the biting puppy often works to stop the behaviour.  In adult dogs, obedience training is necessary to show the beagle who is boss – you, of course.

Indeed, the beagle biting behaviour may or may not be a cause of concern depending on its roots cause in the first place.  Know the cause first and then take the corresponding action.

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