Beagle Barking

Beagle BarkingLike other canine breeds, the issue of negative beagle barking behaviour can be frustrating to humans, both for the owners and the neighbors alike.  Beagles are known for howling, baying and barking when let out into the yard unsupervised especially when a scent has been detected and the dog cannot follow it, thanks to a high fence or a tight leash.

But it is also impractical to completely prevent the beagle from barking for many reasons.  Barking is a form of communication between humans and canines and between canines themselves, not to mention that it is a natural part of their nature.  If one desires a dog that cannot bark, then a Basenji, not a beagle, is the best choice.

So, the question remains, how does an owner stop the negative behaviour of excessive barking in a beagle?  The answers are aplenty of which a few of the most notable are discussed below.

Pinpoint and Eliminate the Reasons for the Barking

Beagle barking in an extreme manner occurs for a number of reasons.  Owners are well advised to seek the causes of the excessive barking, eliminate them and then implement ways where said reasons will not recur as much as is humanly possible.

A beagle may bark because of hunger pangs, which means that stopping the behaviour requires regular feedings.  It is also important to feed the beagle just the right amount of food for its size, age and physical condition.

It may also be that the beagle is barking because of boredom and loneliness.  In this case, the owner must ensure that the beagle is provided with sufficient opportunities for socialization with both humans and canine as well as adequate time for exercise.  Keep in mind that beagles are highly sociable creatures that require companionship so it also pays to spend more time with one’s pet dog.

Yet another reason for excessive beagle barking is unfamiliar sounds and sights.  Beagles make for good watch dogs because of their propensity to bark at strange people and animals so curtailing their barking habits can be detrimental to your safety, too.  We recommend investigating the source of the beagle’s agitation and then soothing the dog if everything is, indeed, as it should be.

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Praise the Beagle for Being Quiet

Training a beagle to bark on command is also possible although a bit on the difficult side.  The best way to do so is to let the beagle associate barking with a positive consequence, thus:

  • When the beagle barks, say “speak” and then follow with “Good boy”
  • When you wish it to stop barking, firmly say “Quiet” or “Enough” while placing a hand on its nose. If the command is followed, praise it with a food reward or verbal praise.
  • When the beagle refuses to follow the command, just turn your back and ignore it.

This practice of command-and-praise makes for good results when performed several times a day. Soon, the beagle will bark and stop barking on command.

In all of these efforts to stop extreme beagle barking, always remember to exercise patience.  With beagles being one of the most independent-minded breeds, many owners have their work cut out for them when it comes to a beagle’s negative barking behaviour.

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