Beagle Aggression

Beagle AggressionWhen we talk of beagle aggression, it almost seems like an aberration in the canine universe.  Beagles, after all, are not particularly known for aggression since these dogs are generally amiable, affectionate and gentle even with little children and other dogs.  It is only when faced with smaller pets like gerbils, chinchillas and hamsters that the sign of natural aggression present in all dogs manifest in their actions and even then, the beagle will not resort to the oft-violent acts of true hunting dogs.

Sign of Dominance

Most of the time, a beagle’s aggressive action is a sign of its efforts to assert dominance and, thus, become the alpha dog of the pack or the household.  When aggression is directed toward other dogs, your beagle is asserting its alpha dog status in the hopes that its dog orders will be followed without question.

When the aggression is targeted toward humans, you may have a hand in such negative behaviour.  You may have been less firm, less assertive and less dominant in your behaviour toward the beagle so much so that your authority as the alpha dog of its human pack is being challenged.

In fact, beagle aggression can be traced to the animal’s need to have a leader and when that leader fails to step up to the role, your dog will then try to take over for the good of the pack.  You must become the leader lest your dog run all over you and run circles around you, literally and figuratively.

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Signs of Aggression

Your beagle shows its aggression in many ways.  But no matter what the signs may be, you have to take action as dog aggression in any form can be dangerous to other animals and humans as well as to the beagle itself.

  • Snarling and snapping at anybody that moves near its food bowl especially when in the act of eating.
  • Guarding of the toys even when these items need to be cleaned
  • Guarding of furniture and any other household space seen as a place of honor. Your beagle may refuse to budge from your couch, claim it as his all the time, or race you to it.
  • Bullying the people in the house in order to get attention, never mind if the attention is negative. It can take the form of excessive barking, unprovoked biting and even repeated pawing when you are in the middle of an activity, say, talking on the phone.

Yes, indeed, beagle aggression can stem from the breed’s natural obstinate nature coupled with its intelligence.

Dealing with Aggression

The good news is that dog aggression can be remedied with the following techniques:

  • Always act the as the alpha dog in any situation. Otherwise, your beagle will seize every chance possible to challenge your authority.
  • Forbid access to all human furniture, be it the couch or the bed, since these places are seen as a place of equality, if not honor.
  • Turn your back or ignore the dog when it starts to act aggressively.
  • Never respond to aggression with aggressive actions on your part.
  • Consider the possibility of neutering to lessen aggression.

Now, if you cannot deal with beagle aggression despite your best efforts, then it is time to seek professional help or invest in a comprehensive training guide.

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