Beagle Training

Beagle TrainingWhen it comes to the matter of beagle training, the pet owner will both have an easy and a hard time at it.  On one hand, beagles are alert, intelligent and generally obedient animals. On the other hand, beagles are easily distracted by the smells around them. They quickly become determined to follow other creatures to the end of their trail of scent and are easily bored with the same commands.

Fortunately, there are tips, tricks and techniques for successful beagle training.  Read on and find that beagles are as trainable as they are adorable pets for families and single individuals alike.

Housebreaking Tips

The first training to understand with beagles - and any other dog breed, for that matter - is housebreaking especially for puppies that are first exposed to living in a house.  Older beagles can often respond faster to housebreaking since previous exposure has already been made.

On the very first day that the beagle comes home, you have to set the first rule that the business of relieving himself - poop and pee, to be exact - must be done outside.  Any kind of body waste elimination shall not be tolerated.

Of course, it is your responsibility to train the beagle.  For the first 8-9 weeks, you must take the dog outside at appointed hours and lead it to the place where the call of nature can be obeyed.  In time, the beagle will get the idea and go outside when poop and pee are on the agenda.

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Enrolling in Obedience Classes

When the dog has reached the right age, you may have to take it to formal obedience classes for beagle training under a professional.  This is especially true for beagles that have exhibited destructive and distractive behaviour such as digging, barking, chewing and biting.  Obedience training is all the more important for aggressive behaviour directed at other animals like dogs and cats as well as toward people.

Plus, you will also be provided with the right skills, abilities and confidence to become the alpha dog of the beagle's pack.  Keep in mind that beagles are still pack animals despite their domestication, so much so that any sign of weakness on your part can lead them to assert dominance over their human handlers.  This is something that you will not want in your relationships with the beagle.

Training as a Pet Owner

It is also necessary to train pets in the home.  The obedience classes will help but before enrollment in these classes, you are well advised to follow the following tips in beagle training:

  • Be consistent with the commands and praises provided to the dog.
  • Discipline the dog in the right way by firmly saying "No" when it is caught in a bad act. Never hit a dog in any form.
  • Praise the dog in a modest manner with either words or treats or both. In this way, your pet will be encouraged to follow the commands and pay more attention.

With these tips, it will not be long before your beagle can be an obedient and beloved part of the family. It will take patience, perseverance and passion on your part but it is very possible.

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